Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I think I'm turning Japanese...



Our latest Pretty Poppet Dolls
to arrive on facebook,

are Asian in appearance.

With their black hair and unique hair styles, they are utterly adorable!

Each gorgeous Poppet Doll
is dressed in an exquisite dress with a lovely asian design satin...


in a Kimono style
with Obi belt.


Both little cuties are wearing knee high black boots, and their own choice of flowers in their hair.

Both girls have traditional Japanese names,

Akahana and Kinuko.

They will join with the entire collection of Poppet Dolls on facebook for a limited time.


~posted by Vicki

Fringes and Frills


Introducing our two latest

new Poppet Doll designs

to arrive on facebook... for now.

With lots of twirls...

and swirls...


meet Anna, the beautiful Ballerina
and Flossie, the flamboyant Flapper.

You can now see why it is always a thrill for me to visit my daughter, Jill, and see what she has come up with next as a design for her latest Poppet Doll.

(and STILL there are a few more that I have to show you! Keep watching this space)

~posted by Vicki

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Poppets

My very creative daughter



has again astounded me
with her cleverness.

She has been very busy creating

a new line of dolls
for Lilliput Loft.

I have been so thrilled each time I visit her,

Little Red Riding Hood

 to see how they are coming along.

Although they are not yet listed on won't be too long before I am curating many treasuries for these little sweeties,


and they will start collecting many 'hearts' I'm sure.

I will keep you posted of the other endearingly cute designs

that will be coming to our little Etsy shop very soon.

Until then, Thanks for looking!
Bye for now.

~Posted by Vicki

oops! a late UPDATE!! 


Alice is a little late arriving.

But I was able to grab a few shots to share with you.

We'll have to sit back and relax a little while to learn of their arrival on a little bird has told me that something special will be happening through our facebook Lilliput Loft before they make their appearance on Etsy...stay tuned.

~posted by Vicki

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I can't actually say
that these little cuties are
"for the birds"...

but if you have
a fondness for
decorative birdhouses...

then you just might
like to click
to see more of what we have
added to our little shop!

Thanks for looking!

~posted by Vicki.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paper Cut

This has got to be the kindest paper cut of all.

Our little paper dresses
have all been
reduced in price.

I simply have no more room in my craft room to hold any more until some are sold, so we have CUT the price...for a limited time only. 

Click HERE to view our collection of Papier Boudoir Boutique's petite frocks, and grab yourself a pretty little favourite!

~posted by Vicki