Friday, October 21, 2011

If the crown fits...

While continuing on working with the theme of Princesses,
this latest creation was fun to make.

I have just listed this gorgeous CROWN in our Etsy shop.
Click here to view the details.

~by Vicki

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fit for a Princess

Royalty has arrived at Lilliput Loft.

My Princess Nursery Mobiles are finally finished.
I have made them in shades of blue and pink with lots of white and silver...and just a touch of purple.
You can find them
Just be sure to click on the little photos to see the details of each of these mobiles.

Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Armada Pirata

These sweet little ships
have turned out so beautifully,
that it will be
hard to part with any of them!
Click HERE to see them in our Etsy shop.

Thanks for looking!

~by Vicki.

Friday, October 7, 2011

♪ ♫ I saw three ships come sailing by....♪ ♫ ♪

..♫  ♪...on Christmas day, on Christmas day...
I saw three ships come sailing by,
on Christmas day in the morning.♫ ♪

Well actually, there are a few more than three....
here is a sneak peek at my latest creations.

I couldn't wait to share them with you!

I am yet to crop the photos and decipher what the postage will be for each of these little beauties before I can list them for sale in Lilliput Loft on Etsy and Facebook.

~By Vicki.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ahoy There! Me Heartys!

I'm afraid the new felt  mobile will have to wait a few more days....
as I have been trying to find the time to finish this project, that I started months ago.
I think I am on the home run now.

Just have a few more details and finishing touches...
( there be Pirates!)

~by Vicki.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quietly Curious....a trip to Wonderland

This is how it all came about...

with a convo in our Etsy inbox...
"Hello. I love your work. Your images are enchanting and graceful. I have been looking for a skill-developing activity book for my baby daughter but I can't find one that is beautiful enough. Would you be interested in doing a commission? I am willing to pay a fair price for your labour.

I have some ideas, which we could discuss in detail if you're agreeable to a commission. The book would need to focus on skills such as tieing shoelaces, zipping, buttoning, buckling, matching colours, identifying textures, etc. I want it to have an edgy Alice in Wonderland feel to it. (Alice in Wonderland filtered through Tim Burton) I'm open to the use of novel materials and textures.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


Hmmm....let's think about this a moment...

it would need to have an 'Alice',

and a  'Mad Hatter'

And you can't have a Wonderland
without the forever grinning 'Cheshire Cat'.

(Our minds were racing with possibilities)

Hmmm...this could actually be do-able...

We could include a
Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

and well, the White Rabbit was a must have!

The creative wheels were turning,

but how to turn these characters
into something
fabric and interact-able??

Hmmm... Google was scoured for inspiration,

'Alice' could have a bow!!!

Hmmm...Cheshire Cat...
he has lots of teeth...

The Mad Hatter has
very fuzzy messy bright hair!

 This was really coming together now!!

Oh...the Caterpillar...

the Card Man...

the Tea Party...

Creative wheels
were ferociously turning now...

Many nights were spent
unable to sleep
images running through my mind.


I must get this book
out of my head and on paper
or I will go crazy!!!

Some sketches were drawn.
Lots of trips to every conceivable
craft and fabric shop
were taken, for inspiration
...more sketches were drawn...
and eventually the prototype pages were born.

The lovely Alice

Alice's Boots

Cheshire Cat's big 'Grin'
....well, sort of...did you know it is impossible to
make a zip CURVE?
(just something to note when trying to make a grinning mouth out of a large toothed zipper)

One of those poor harried CARD MEN
hurriedly painting the WHITE roses RED


The Tweedles

Tea Party
  Looking back now...
I REALLY SHOULD have thought
of a BETTER WAY other than BLANKET stitch,
to sew this little Tea Party....
took SOOOOO LONG!!!!

The quintessential Mad Hatter.

Now....One of my FAVOURITE things from Tim Burton's 
'Alice in Wonderland' was the


 hmmm.....nice WROUGHT IRON GATES
.....and GIGANTIC mushrooms....
and of course those beautiful flowers!

Don't even THINK about asking me HOW I did these gates..."I'll never tell" :-)

   Look at those lovely TOPIARY....huh....a FLAMINGO!
I would HAVE to do something with THAT! 

I found this fantastic image of the Caterpillar, which was PERFECT as I didn't want to depict the Caterpillar with the smoke pipe that he can usually be found with.

Of Course a project of this magnitude cannot be attempted without the support of family and biggest fans (and helpers)

My little Ellie and Mum helping out with the making of the Flower People....


Just when I thought it was finished....sold....and complete....

Another order for two! For 2yr old TWINS!
(a girl and a boy) 

8 pages each, with the 'GIRL' pages in one book and the 'BOY' pages in the other....


....would need to design some more 'BOY' pages

Here comes the
March Hare,

White Rabbit,


and Mad hatters Boots

Boys Version

Girls Version

phew...all done....for now....

~ by Jill.