Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Another Christmas...2015

Another Christmas....2015

I am afraid there is no little story
to accompany this blog post.

Sorry to disappoint anyone 
who was looking forward to seeing 
a display of art dolls with a tale to tell.

This is all I could manage this year
... just some photos of my house.

There is a nativity scene, 
and that 
is what this season is really all about...

the birth of our Lord Jesus.

Let's start in the lounge room.... a glow of RED.

 Heading into the foyer, from the lounge room... where it's quite WHITE with a touch of pale BLUE. 

Moving into the living room.... all silver and WHITE with a hint of palest GREEN.

 (She arrived naked...
and I don't have the heart to cover 
her beautiful little figure, 
so she stays naked)

Such as it was, I hope you found enjoyment in viewing our blog post for Christmas 2015.

Peace and good will to all.
Merry Christmas.

(Hopefully I will be a little more organised next Christmas... and can include some art dolls for you to enjoy. ~Vicki )

For a larger view, just click on the photos. ;-)

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