Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog Draw

Our very first Blog Ballot,
staring a certain
'Little Red Riding Hood' 
deserves a teeny bit of
pomp and ceremony... 

All the entrants names were written on tiny spirals of paper and put into a fine looking pirates hat.

In this Land of Fairytale Characters we have our very own 'Princess' Elliana who is only too willing to do the honours at this official occasion.

(Any excuse to dress up and put on a bit of make-up...and 'ones' tiara ;)

The official drawing of the ballot
is supposed to be a solemn occasion.

All very dignified and 'proper-like'.

To oversee this important event,
we have two 'officials'
who seem very fitting

(and appropriate in a Land of Fairytales)

who are none other than the
 'Mad Hatter'
'Humpty Dumpty'.

Little Miss Riding Hood
can't wait to find out who her new 'mummy' will be...

Melissa Butterworth!!!!!

Congratulations, you are our very first Blog Ballot WINNER!!!

Please email me at to arrange payment.

Hope you all had fun :)  We certainly did ♥


Our FIRST Blog Draw

Welcome to our very first Blog Ballot!!!!

I just happen to have a Little Red Riding Hood that 'arrived' a little early and now she needs a new home.

Little Red stands approximately 37cm tall and is made from cotton fabrics, ribbons and wool blend felt with hand painted boots and eyes. 
Her arms and legs are sewn on without the use of buttons, and her clothing is non-removable...except for that infamous panne velvet lined red hood.
Her boot laces and bows have been painstakingly 
stitched in place.
As with all of our Pretty Poppet's, Little Red has been lovingly made by hand, over many hours, with much attention to detail.

She is $55 plus shipping ($7 Australia Wide regular postage) 
I can post internationally if needed but you will need to contact me for an exact postage cost.

If you would like the chance to purchase her and have her come and live with you, 
please comment "SOLD to ________ (your name)"

This Ballot is open, so you can leave your comment now, please only comment once :-)

At 8.30pm tonight Wednesday 30th May 2012, I will comment "CLOSED" and any comments made later, will not be counted in the draw.

At the conclusion of the Ballot, I will draw one name and announce the winner at 9.00pm. The winner will then need to email me to arrange payment via PayPal or Direct Deposit. If no contact is made within 24 hours, I will do a redraw.

I will need to approve comments first before they appear, so if you don’t see your comment immediately, don't worry, I will approve all comments before the draw time :-)

Good Luck Everyone (including me....'first timer'!)  ~Jill

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Utter Madness

Funny how some things
from one's own childhood
can grow into a slight obsession,
as adulthood takes ahold.

I have to admit, that as a child,
the whole 'Wonderland thing'
just seemed all too confusing
and a bit annoying.
Nothing made much (any) sense.

Yet nowadays,
I am so in love with anything 'Alice'!!
The utter confusion and Madness
of the whole
'Wonderland thing'
is what I am drawn too!!

Seems I'm not alone, here.
Just found ourselves on

(Thanks Tash)
She has blogged
regarding the very same thing.
(and be sure to check out her very clever tutorial!)

Not too long ago,
I did an ALICE blogpost over on

'Green and White Garden'.

It is sure to shed some light on all the confusion...???

I love the following quote
from the actor, Robin Williams,

"We're only given a small spark of madness...we mustn't lose it."

~posted by Vicki