Friday, June 29, 2012

♫♪ When I see an elephant fly ♫♪

Just be thankful
that elephants do NOT fly.
A walk in the park would require more than a large umbrella.

Dumbo started something with his very large ears...

My latest nursery mobile
is based on the 
whimsical imaginings 
elephants with wings.

More suitable for
a little boys bedroom
than pink flying pigs!

I had a request for a boys nursery mobile.

This got me thinking about chubby, blue-toned elephants...

...with lovely white tusks, feathered wings and white pompoms to match.

I love how well they turned out!

These little chubbas have just been listed in our Etsy shop.

~posted by Vicki

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oodles of Poodles

The following

first four photos

depict how my day transpired.

It all started in the bathroom...

where I very soon, 
began to feel 
a bit like
Edward Scissorhands.

were the only thing
on my mind.

The kind that are beautifully clipped and groomed to resemble some sort of walking topiary shrub.

So I started
shaping, cutting, trimming, snipping...


Believe me when I tell you
that it was
HARD work.

But the desired result
was achieved

So, now for what
really happened...

For the past few weeks,
I have been cutting and sewing,
and stuffing...

to enable me to get to this stage
of the

See the bandaid
on my blister...
I wasn't kidding
about it
being hard work.

This job
takes many hours
a big mess!!

After a well earned break
to stretch my legs
clean up the mess...

it is back to the
grindstone once more,
with a change of colour,
to keep
it interesting.

The pompoms
start out
quite lumpy and bumpy,

and require much
and shaping
to make them look chic.

this job is finished!!!

All that remains now is for me to attach the tiny bows,
and ribbon for hanging.

Ta Dah!

So that is what I did today. did you spend your day???

~posted by Vicki