Friday, November 2, 2012



Finally we have arrived at our very first Pick-a-Poppet Ballot.


When I created my Pretty Poppet dolls, I always intended them to be a 'line or range' of dolls that I can recreate.  If you see a Poppet you love, I would love for you to have more than one opportunity to take her home :-)

I am offering an opportunity today, for the winner of this Ballot, 
to pick and purchase THE Poppet that has stolen their heart, 
and I would love to make her for you.

Now....this particular Pick-a-Poppet Ballet is for ONE Poppet 
of your choice from my current line of Poppets.  
Please note that these Poppets are not ready-made.  

Please allow me up to 2 weeks to create the Poppet of your choice.

Click to see individual pictures, details and price of each Poppet

Please comment below 
"Sold to ___________(your name),  
the name of the Poppet who has caught your eye and 
what it is that you love about her and your email address"  

You could say something like this......

"Sold to ___________
I would love you to make Anne for me please.  
Anne Shirley resonates with my soul, a true Kindred Spirit
(email address)"

You must include your email address in your comment, 
as I will need to be in contact with you.

The Ballot is open now, so you can leave your comment now, 
please only comment once :-)

At 7.00pm (Qld time), Wednesday 7th November, I will comment "CLOSED" and any comments made later, will not be counted in the draw.

At the conclusion of the Ballot, 
we will draw one name and announce the winner HERE at 7.30pm.  
The winner will then need to email us to arrange payment via Paypal.  
If no contact is made within 24 hours, we will do a redraw.

Good luck everyone :-)

And the winner is......


and because I have been blown away by how amazingly lovely all of you are, I really wanted to draw another winner.......

Please message me via our Facebook Message tab or email me at:


  1. This comment is for Vicki Coleman, who has tried 3 times to leave a comment 'SOLD'...but her iphone won't let her!!
    All taken care of for you hun.

  2. Sold to Margaret Chan who is desperate for An Anne as she is my all time favourite heroine and to see a Poppet who captures her essence and being astounds me every time I look at her

  3. Sold to Serena Cain
    I would love a Pippi, she is just beautiful and would be a gift for a beautiful friend who loves pippi, thankyou xx

  4. Sold to Renee Olsen!
    I would love a Miss Josephine poppet as she is a princess just like my little girl

  5. Sold to Patsy Delaney who would love to win an Anne poppet for my little granddaughters who are just now learning the story from their Mom who has always loved the stories of Anne's adventures.

  6. Sold to Maarja Valdmann
    And it would have to be a gorgeous Pippi, who I have admired since it popped up on the Lilliput Loft page.

  7. Sold to Allison Young and it has to be Anne.I have adored her for so long with her smart with and inability to keep comments to herself :-P I would love her to come home with me xx

    P.S. SUCH a hard choice!!!

  8. Sold to Tina Coleman,
    Poppet who has caught my eye is Mellie! In her pretty pinks & greens she would look so at home w my Miss Kiki & Bridiejo in all their matching colours. Goodluck to everyone in your little black book :)

  9. Sold please Jillian I am in total love with all your poppets so it is very hard for me to choose just one. I was torn between Eira and Tiger Lily. Both speak to me beyond just a doll. For now I would love Eira and hope for another chance later on. Eira is absolutely stunning. She reminds me of an Inuit Angel watching over the artic animals keeping them safe from poachers. She resonates peace and tranquility something I desperately need in my life right now. Her essence is pure and kind.
    <3 Emma Slatter

  10. sorry I forgot to add my email! DOH!

    Thanks Emma Slatter

  11. Sold to Rachel. We would love Pippi to come and live with us, we have loved her from day 1!


  12. SOLD please Jillian :)
    I LOVE all your poppets so it has been so hard for me to choose 'just one very special lady'...
    The one I have decided that I want to come and live with us is 'Leilani'. She just has a innocent uniqueness that I love and looks exactly like my little girl 'Olivia' so sweet, innocent and unique :)
    xx xx

  13. sold please to Mara
    I would love Anne as she is close to me with her ideals...

  14. Sold to Nathalia Elsegood
    Pipi as she brings back my childhood memories back in Holland. She is perfect in every way!!!


  15. Sold to Jodie Hochmuth
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for Josephine to come and live with us. She is extremely gorgeous and I am totally smitten with her beauty and I know my little Miss would LOVE her too as she is a princess herself and is totally obsessed with all things princess xxx

  16. sold to Lauren Martin
    I have to say ellie is my favorite, she is so pink and innocent and my girls love dollies at bedtime, she is gorgeous!!

  17. Sold to Nicole Harding
    Dorothy & Toto -these reflections of the all time great movie reminds me so much of my childhood XX

    good luck everyone

  18. Sold to Kristy Millikin I would love Indigo please she is gorgeous

  19. Sold to Lorissa Sharpe who would love pipi as her first of hopefully many poppets

  20. SOLD to Elaine
    I would love to add Eira to my collection as I loved her the minute I saw her and I love blue and white and she reminds me of a Norsemaiden and I love history.. have I said I love enough... hehehehe...

  21. Sold to Rachel Dawson. I would love you to make Little Red please. My daughter loves the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It would be brilliant to be able to pass on the poppet to her just as the fairy tales have been past on from generation to generation.

  22. Sold to Justine Scolari this decision would have had to been the hardest decision I have made for awhile as they are all so gorgeous but the Poppet that stands out for me would have to Josephine because she is PINK and you can never have too much pink in your life xx
    Goodluck everyone

  23. Sold please to Shelley Wild
    Really hard decision as I'd love to chose one for myself, but I would have to chose Leilani for my Abby.
    In December, Abby will move in to her own new bedroom, and she is already hesitant, inisting that it is NOT her room! With Nina (Anna) being her favourite daytime twirling companion, to have a little twin for Nina, all ready to go to bed in the new doll furtniture that Abby is receiving for her birthday in December, I think (and hope) would make the transistion much easier, and more fun.
    Thanks Jill xx

  24. SOLD please to Priscilla :) I am struggling between the choices of Alice & Dorothy! Two wonderful tales that I recall fondly from childhood <3 You have captured both so beautifully...perhaps the ruby slippers will win me over in the end? A pair of shoes can change your life as they say ;) ThankU Jillian x

  25. sold to Fenella Paterson
    I would really love for you to make me "Anne". I think your doll shows her gentle side but we all know there is more to her than that!!

  26. Sold to Sarah Nguyen please. I would love an Anne poppit as a start please as she reminds me of the special friendship I have with her amazing creator. We are truly kindred spirits and Anne represents that friendship perfectly. Next time it will be really really hard to decide - maybe Grace or Eira!! xx

    P.S. Thank you Jill for the opportunity <3

  27. Sold to Jacqueline Belcourt please. I would just love love love Mandy Poppit to come and live with us as my little girl loves the colour pink and she is so cute and girly. She would be a fabulous addition to our collection of dolls and our first poppit :)
    Thanks Jillian xoxo

  28. Thank you my beautiful friend for this opportunity. I love all your poppets but would mostly love to welcome Anne to my home. Initially i was so excited about Anne as she reminds me of my grandma who is the best and instilled a love of reading in me. She is so passionate about reading that she named her daughter Anne Shirley, "plain old, unromantic Anne Shirley", after her favourite book character and is so happy that i have 2 boys as she thinks now i am like Jo from Little Women and Jo's Boys!! Most of my childhood memories of her involve books and trips to book stores and my copy of AGG has a message from her inside :) The second reason i would like Anne is that she was made by another Anne lover who also happens to be a kindred spirit of mine and that makes me happy. I know i have rambled and you didn't ask for an essay but of course "I know I chatter on far too much, but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't. Give me some credit." Thanks Jill. Mwah! Jo

  29. Sold please to Beth Liddicoat. Such a terribly hard decision to decide but my daughter and I have narrowed it down to Leilani and Anna and this ballot we have decided on Leilani as she is just so sweet and perfect. Our fingers and toes are crossed in hope we get to win a little poppet!!! Thanks Beth

  30. Sold to Sarah Scott pretty please. While I love each and every poppet and aim to own your entire collection one day the poppet that most catches my eye is Dorothy. My 11 year old and I have developed a love of handmade dolls and Little Red and Alice are proudly displayed in her room, adding another favourite character of hers to her collection keeps her heart young and show me that my little girl is still in there somewhere. This is something special we share together and I know it would make her day if I told her she could sit and choose another lovely to add to her collection - I am sure you remember the photo of her face when she met Alice for the first time on her birthday. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Sarah (

  31. Sold to Evie. For her first birthday Evie had the theme Evie in wonderland so we would love an Alice to remember that day.

  32. Sold to Jade Kennett

    I would love you to make Poppy for me please.
    Poppy just reminds me of pure sweetness and childhood happiness. Just as I wish every childs dreams should be.

  33. sold to Belinda. Ellie has captured our hearts with her cute little bunny and would be a wonderful addition to my youngest daughters room as she would love her very much. Would also be lovely to have an opportunity to own one of your beautiful dollies as we have not had the opportunity .... B x

  34. Sold To Lee, pretty pretty please!
    if given to opportunity to pick a poppet, my heart belongs to Tiger Lily. From another place and time, this little poppet is on a wild adventure, and I want to go too! (plus, she has the most awesome fur jacket ;-)

  35. Sold please to Courtney Nicholas. It's hard to pick just one and I have so many I want but Angelique has stolen my babies heart so that's my choice. Thanks so much for this opportunity! Good luck everyone.

  36. Sold to Michelle Balme.
    I love them all but I have to say I love Tiger Lily. I have quite a collection of various American Indian artifacts and think she would fit in well. Thank you xx

  37. Sold to Fiona please!! I would love Leilani to come live with us, we fell in love the minute we saw her! Thank you

  38. Sold to Danielle Fleming pls. I would dearly love an 'Anne girl' poppet. As I'm sure that we will be true kindred spirits ( once we meet)

  39. Sold to Claire Mepsted please I would love to own all your poppets but I will choose Angelique as she is a ballerina and I love dancing and I have my own dance school and she would have lots of fun with all me and all the little girl's at Rococo thank you for giving us this chance fingers and toes crossed

  40. Sold to Emily Clarke, I really really love Pipi the most & I hope she can come & live at our house one day with Friday xoxo

  41. I would love Anne please. She is so lovely and reminds me of when I was little. It's been a tough choice only picking one though.

  42. SOLD TO Jennifer Fox please. I would love a Coralene poppet and for her to come live with me and my daughter she was most definately our favourite as she looks like an angel.

    Thank you

  43. Sold to Angela Norton. Wow, what a tough decision! I have changed my mind about 20 times. But this time i think I choose Coraline. Her outfit is so pretty and she looks like a sweet girl. Would love her to come to my house to balance up the genders... I have 2 real boys and a husband so am outnumbered!

  44. sold to karen gordon please. i would love a friday poppet. she immediately caught my eye and the not so pretty one,the dark one, the mysterious one, the one that appeals to my collection of all things 'dark' but merely misunderstood. i just adore her.

  45. Sold to nikki Hammon
    I would love to bring one of your poppets home to live with my two girls. I especially love fraisey as she's fun and happy and makes me smile when I see her. I also love your ballerina, she reminds me of my bug princess who wants to be a big princess. I picture her with beautiful blonde ringlets just like my princess :D

  46. Sold to Michelle Ann Hancock
    I would love sooo many of your gorgeous poppets I love, love, love pink and frothy and gorgeousness! But I think I'm going to stay true to the original little lady I wanted. So my choice is Pippi!! Whom I would love to bring a little of your Australian sunshine to a very cold England! :) x

  47. Sold to Shirley Woo, please! The Poppet that I most love is Anne Shirley. Beside sharing the same name, I've grown up with her and Anne holds a special place in my childhood memories. I (and my girls) would cherish a Anne Shirley Poppet! Thank you for giving me the chance to be able to own one.
    Shirley Woo (

  48. Sold to Sharna Hindmarsh
    I would love the chance to own sweet Miss Friday of course!
    I have adored her since the moment I saw her gloomy little face pop up on your page, and she would have a wonderful home with lots of other 'Wednesday' dollies to keep her company ;)
    Thank you chickies!

  49. Sold to Cath Marshall please!!!!
    I would love Mellie please as she is having a tea
    Party and I love tea parties

    Thankyou for the opportunity

  50. Sold to Theo please!

    Sooo many lovely Poppets to choose from but it will have to be Anne for now. How can it not? I've been enchanted by her stories for years. Such hope and optimism!

  51. Sold to Kristi Barry please!
    I would love Poppy as she reminds me very much of my daughter. My Livvy wears her hair up in little "bun buns" (as she calls them) at the top of her head and loves to wear her pretty floral dresses just like Poppy.

    Thankyou for the opportunity xoxo

  52. sold to jazz evans
    i love all your poppets but little fraisey is my favorite
    i love her bright colours, her hair and especially her strawberries :0)
    thank you for this chance to love a poppet at home
    jazz xxx

  53. Sold to Bree Jessup :)
    I would looooove you to make Melina for me (well, for my daughters) as she is SUCH a little ray of sunshine and she would make me smile everyday just looking at her :)
    Good luck everyone!!! And thank you Lilliput Loft! :)
    Bree xx

  54. Sold to Lisa Wilfert
    While all your dolls are so exquisitely made, I just can't go past Dorothy. I just feel like a child again when I look at her and know for sure there is truly no place like home.

  55. Sold to Pauline Durante
    Little angelic Angelique so pretty in pink

  56. Sold to Tamara Rattay please! Very hard decision but Eira would have to be the most beautiful in my eyes as she reminds me of an elegant, fairy tale ice princess! She is just exquisite! Many many thanks for the chance to give her a home!

  57. Sold to Sharon Edman please!! I would love an Anne doll. My mum's name was Anne, and she was named after Anne of Green Gables, and she really does remind me of my mum.

  58. Sold to Rebecca Kennedy
    I love little red and have since I first laid eyes on her many many months ago. This has then lead me to be smitten with all poppets :)
    I would love to own my own poppet to pass onto my daughter and then to my grandkids one day.
    They are a beauty a rare treasure to enjoy and admire :)

  59. Sold to: Jennifer Thomas
    Hi Jill.
    Always hard to single out one of your adorable poppets but I will have to say Anne. I've loved her since I started reading the Anne books at age 12 - books handed down to me by my Mum and to be handed on to the next generation. What makes her extra special is knowing that she is being brought to life by a kindred spirit.
    Good luck to all the ladies hoping to have their own special poppet come to live with them!

  60. Sold pretty please 'with a cherry on top' to Sonia Cranston (
    A favorite.... I think my favorite little poppet would HAVE to be your beautiful Ellie, because... She is so innocent, pretty, pink and STUNNING!!! I would love to have one in our home!

  61. Sold to Melissa kindblad! My favourite is Mellie as she reminds me of being a little girl and eating icypoles on a hot summers day!

  62. OMG so excited do we have to wait 3 hours aarrrgghh


  63. Sold to anita jordan -

    Pippi for me please xx she reminds me of my childhood.


  64. Sold to Jenna Nuzzi
    I would love an Anne doll as I grew up reading all her books and she was a kindred spirit that helped me get through very tough times and was an escape and joy to read about.

  65. The Ballot is now CLOSED

    Good luck to everyone who entered :-)

    I will be back in half an hour to edit this post to include the winners name :-)