Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Christmas Story

With only a few weeks left

 before Christmas,

things are winding down in the 

doll making business...

and racking up a notch in 

'getting the house ready for Christmas'.

This year just seemed the perfect year

 for a pink and red themed tree.

With all three little grand daughters 

all wanting pink dolls for Christmas,

I have been quite emersed

 in that colour these past few weeks.

Along with the doll making,

 inevitably comes a 

desire to collect 

art dolls from other talented doll makers.

So this years Christmas decorating has 

evolved into

an easy mix of just a 

few decorations 

combined with some new additions

 to my little collection of

incredible art dolls.

As time is at a premium this year...

and I am completely worn out...

this was all I could muster, I'm afraid.

Please excuse the lack of a Nativity scene.

I year I WILL be more 


The first to greet our visitors, 

is little Ellis

sitting in her bright pink 

over stuffed chair.

She is a little preoccupied

with the thought

that she may have forgotten

to post off her letter to Santa...

Oh goodness gracious me!

Yes! She DID forget!!!

Deary me....wonder if it is not 

too late to send it now...

Will he get it in time for Christmas Eve??

Her little friend, Ophelia arrives, 

and tries to reassure Ellis 

that Santa WILL bring her gifts 

when he drops by.

Ellis is not completely convinced of this, 

and struggles

with the shock of 


not getting ANY presents for Christmas.

High above the forlorn little girls,

sits another, who goes by the name

She is in her own little quandary...

quite perplexed.

...not able to make any sense

of this festive time of year.

Just WHY do we hang coloured baubles 

on artificial trees??

If it is really about a baby's birth...

how does Santa living at the North Pole

and a herd of flying reindeers

(with helper elves)

figure in the whole thing??

Tipper couldn't make any sense of it.


On the other side of the small glowing tree,

the pirate mermaid,

has settled down to relax.

She is dreaming of what a 

White Christmas 

might be like.

Having heard all about such things...

she can only imagine 

what it would feel like 

to be surrounded with frozen water...

in place of the usual warm waters 

she is accustomed to.

Hmmm...might have to look at 

buying some 

winter woollens

if next years holiday includes ice and snow...

As Hilda, contemplates 

how and where she is going to find 

woollen tail and fin covers to fit snuggly...

two other Gothic Beauties 

finally arrive, 

after their long flight 

from Scotland.

Dezeria Mandles, the pirate,

It feels so good to just sit and unwind,

in the apartment above Hildas,

as they nestle into the pretty pink pearls.

Both were excited to be seeing Hilda again,

and looked froward 

to being able to swap stories

and tell tales

of their recent journeys.

On the foyer table

things have evolved into 

a scene of mostly silver and white 

with just a touch of pink.

All is calm and bright.

The angels have no

reason to be concerned or perplexed.

They are all very content to 

just listen to the 

Christmas carols

playing on the 

CD player.

The ever so tiny, 

decides to wake up from her

transparent locket,

and joins with the angels.


She does a joyful little fairy dance

on the toes of 

before she flies away to 

discover the delights on the 

big Christmas tree.

The angels are blissfully unaware

of missing presents

or late letters to Santa.

From the other side of the 

big Christmas tree

there comes a beautiful 

pink glow.

The Lithuanian Lovelies...

Julia, Fae and Ella,

have gathered together,

to watch over the

tiny babe

in the gentle glow 

of a hundred pink fairylights.

The tiny babe 

could find no cradle,

and so a single rose 

became his bed.

Then in the distance, 

there came the 


of little feet.

A beautiful blue angel,

from a far away land...

arrived with tidings of 

comfort and joy.

With her,

there came three weary 

little travelers.

(No, the angel didn't walk,

 ...angels have wings, so she flew in the air)

The patter of tiny little feet came 

NOT from the angel.

But rather, 

from those three little travelers,

 I was telling you about, 

who had journeyed from Chile. 

They had been following 

yonder star...

The little band of wise and weary 

had heard the angels glad tidings,

and had gone in search of the tiny babe.

This reminds me of a 

similar story from long ago.

A story of incredible happenings,

and an

indiscribable gift.

If you actually stop 

and pause to think 

about all that actually transpired that

evening, when the heavenly angels

sang to the shepherds keeping watch... always makes my heart sing.


Wishing you all,

the peace and contentment

of this Season.

Wise men still seek Him.

(For those of you who are wanting some more info on where I was able to procure these 
marvellous art dolls...
each doll's name is a link to the shop/fb page where I found them. Just click on it!)

~posted by Vicki.