Monday, December 12, 2011

Blowing my own trumpet

Anyone who knows me
will probably know by now
that I am an
Etsy Treasury addict.
I have curated hundreds of treasuries over the past two years.
I have had two of my treasuries (our items not included) make it to Etsy Home Page.(where they only have a short life of 1 hour!)

Only once before, I have had our item included in anothers treasury that did make it to Front Page...only to discover that our item was not actually featured on the Front Page display...   :(

But today, our item has actually been seen on Front Page!!
When this happens, it is incredible how many new 'hearts' are thrown your way!

Our papier maché sailing ship has been included in a lovely treasury called "With cream on top!" by Kathie, from Kaanpr.

Thanks Kathie!...we are so stoked!


~by Vicki

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mad Hatter

Madness and mayhem...THAT is how my house looks at the moment.

But it has all been worth the MESS.

This Mad Hatter has finally
come together...

With attention to detail,
I have tried to come up with my own version of the Mad Hatter.

I had thought about a white face with red rimmed eyes...
but decided against that.

The sash of cotton reels was a bit of a challenge, but I managed to come up with an idea using balsa wood...and lots of delicate cutting and gluing. 

I have added fingerless woollen gloves,
to just show under the purple lace trimmed cuffs.

I will list him in our Etsy shop,
but I'm not sure he will stay too long.
You see,
Jodi(our best customer)has had her eye on him
(or rather, his face for some time now)

 so he most probably won't be able to
keep the others company for very long.

Above: Paige, Millicent, Marques, Mad Hatter, Rueben & Chantilly.

Thanks for looking!

~by Vicki