Wednesday, June 12, 2013


to the Pick-a-Poppet Ballot

When I created my Pretty Poppet dolls, I always intended them to be a 'line or range' of dolls that I can recreate.  If you see a Poppet you love, I would love for you to have more than one opportunity to take her home :-)

I am offering an opportunity today, 
for the winner of this Ballot, 
to pick and purchase THE Poppet that has stolen their heart, 
and I would love to make her for you.

Now....this particular Pick-a-Poppet Ballet is for up to THREE Poppets of your choice from my current line of Poppets.
(I can send 3 Poppets for the  postage cost of 1)

Please note that these Poppets are not ready-made so please allow me up to 2 weeks to create the Poppet of your choice.

If you click the image below, you will be taken to our Facebook album with all of the individual details and prices
 of each Poppet.

Please note that Poppet prices range from $65-$95 plus postage.
Postage Australia wide is $10 for Regular Post
and $13 for Registered Post
International Post is available, just ask for a quote.

“What do I have to do?” I hear you ask.

Please comment below
""Sold to ___________(your name),
the name of the Poppet/s who have caught your eye and
what it is that you love about them and your email address"

You could say something like this......

"Sold to ___________
I would love you to make Anne for me please.
Anne Shirley resonates with my soul, a true Kindred Spirit
(email address)"

You MUST include your email address in your comment,
as I will need to be in contact with you.

The Ballot is open, so you can leave your comment now,
please only comment once :-)

At 7.00pm (Qld time), Friday 14th June, I will comment "CLOSED" and any comments made later, will not be counted in the draw.

At the conclusion of the Ballot,
we will draw one name and announce the winner HERE at 7.30pm.
I will then set up a RESERVED LISTING for the winner, 
in our Hand-made Store

If no contact is made within 24 hours, we will do a redraw.

If for some reason you are unable to comment below, either send me a message via our Facebook page 

or email me at

Good luck everyone :-)

Joanne Sparrow!!

I decided to draw another person because Joanne had only chosen one Poppet :-)....sooooo...

Danielle Buckhurst!!

and because Danielle had only selected one Poppet too, I decided to try again, for just one more......

Congratulations also goes to Lee Pelosi!!!

Thank you so very much everyone for your wonderful comments.  It just thrills my heart that  my little Poppets can mean so much to you all ♥

I will be back a little later (after I put Ellie to bed), with the individual listings for each of the Ballot winners :-)

Rest assured the next Pick-a-Poppet Ballot won't be very far off.....just as soon as I make the Poppets of these three ladies choice, I will be offering another Ballot :-)


  1. Sold to Bree Jessup please! :)
    I would looooove you to make the gorgeous Melina for my 2 year old daughter, as she is the most sunshine-iest poppet I have ever seen, which matches my daughters personality perfectly! :)
    Thanks so much for this opportunity to own one of your gorgeous poppets! :D

  2. Sold to Lorissa Sharpe
    I would love love love to own some of your gorgeous poppets Jillian. I would love a Dorothy, a Pippi and Alice, my daughter loves the stories and movies and I would love to have them in her room for her to see

  3. sold to Whitney Wilson

    I would really love a Pippi poppet. Though I should say she is for my daughter, it is very likely she will come to work to hang out with me! wrwilsonat

  4. Sold to Joanne Sparrow.
    I would love for you to recreate 'Grace' for me please. As a mother of 3 boys I dreamed of having a little girl. My dream came true 11 weeks ago when I found out the baby I am currently carrying is a little GIRL!!! We have named her Gracie, Grace for short. The little Poppet Grace would be perfect for her room and would forever represent to me a dream come true :)
    Thanks for the opportunity. I'm so excited to be involved in my first ever ballot with the hopes of owning one of your beautiful dolls!!

    1. Congratulations!!!! I just loved your story and was so thrilled when I saw your number had come up :-D
      Your listing is now available in our Hand-made Store

    2. Thank you so much! I'm so excited :) I've completed checkout and made payment. I can't wait for her to arrive!!

  5. Sold to Emily Clarke, I really love Pippi as she is one of the first dolls of yours I ever saw & I fell in love instantly xoxo

  6. Sold to Nicole Harding
    I would love Dorothy and Toto, one of my all time favourite movies - would love the oppoturnity to have one <3
    thanks xxx

  7. "sold to Emma Slatter. The names of the poppets that have caught my eye are Eira because she is a warm delight on a cold winters night and Tiger lily because she reminds me of a natural beauty so precious and rare. My email address is"

  8. Sold to Allison Young ♥ The poppets I would love are Anne and Tiger Lily. Anne because she's adorable and brings back wonderful childhood memories, Tiger Lily as she's just beautiful and brings a smile to my face ♥

  9. Sold to Lisa Wilfert
    I would love to adopt Anne and Gilbert (with accessories) as the Anne of Green Gables books and movies are much loved by all the women in our family. Not only do we love Anne's strength of character but it also shows a family is all about love and not biology. The third poppet I would love to adopt is Eira - I love white Christmases, snow flakes, 'swans' in feathery white tutus, snow queens, the Northern lights, icicle fairy lights and Lilliput Loft frost faeries. Eira would feel right at home :)

  10. Danielle FlemingJune 12, 2013 at 9:00 PM

    Sold to Danielle Fleming.
    I would love to give Betty a home. My Mum's name is Betty and she is every bit as stylish as this charming flapper poppet. The other is Pippi - she is one of my favourite literary characters. She would have a special spot in my classroom and hopefully she would inspire my Year One students to go on wonderful adventures.

  11. SOLD to Elaine Gordon
    I would love to have Eira in my life. Being an avid Game of Thrones fan she reminds me of The Northern wildlings and that Winter is Coming!!!!

  12. Sold to Claire Mepsted please I would love to be able to buy Angelique or Anna as I a m a dancer and they would love to come and live with me and come and join my dance classes with all the little girl's who would look after them. I would laos love one for my niece Ava-Mae who is almost 2 and I love her soooo much she is my world xxx

  13. SOLD to Jodi Wallace
    I would be thrilled with ONE poppet! But if I got to choose 3, I would start with-
    Dorothy for myself & my daughter. We just adore anything Oz, & think that Dorothy is brave, courageous, caring & loving. She has a beautiful nature, & we would love to have her as a Poppet! We are OZ collectors, so Dorothy would fit perfectly into our home!
    2nd & 3rd, we would love Anne & Gilbert. It is my sisters 40th birthday this year, & we loved watching Anne as we grew up, & I would love to spoil her with Anne, Gilbert & all the extras! We lost our mum 9 months ago, so we have had a very tough year, & giving this to my sister would be a special memory of our past, & a new memory for our future. Anne would be perfect, as she is stong,intelligent, courageous & a fighter with a beautiful kindred spirit. Gilbert would be perfect, as he just loves Anne, carrots and all!
    Thankyou for giving me this opportunity of buying these for my family :)

  14. Sold to Angela Norton. I'd love a Melina poppet as I love blue and yellow combos. She is also so bright and happy. I would buy 3 but my husband might have heart failure if I win!

  15. Sold to Theo Chua.

    I'd love Anne and Gilbert. It has to be the pair since they cannot be seperated. And since I can choose one more, I'd love to have Little Red... those boots!!

  16. SOLD to Danielle Aplidjotis

    Jillian, as a LUCKY owner already of a couple of your poppets, I would be so honoured and thankful to add some more to my collection like Leilani & Ellie!! These two girls look fun and loving and have that beautiful nature to them just like my 'Olivia'.

    Currently 34 weeks pregnant with my 4th child, Olivia is hoping' to have a baby sister to share stories and secrets with!! But little does she know another brother will be blessing her with he's presence in 5 weeks time!! Olivia will need Leilani and Ellie by her side and be the sisters she can play with, share secrets and stories with... I no they will bring extra smiles to her face :)

  17. Sold to Abby Beer, I would love to adopt Little Red as she looks sassy enough to have a pistol in her knickers (Roald Dahl). I also adore the elegant beauty of Lelani, something my crazy, fun loving daughter could only dream of emulating. it's

  18. sold to Jodi Rawlinson (

    i would love you to make princess josephine for me as ruby adores princesses and she would look perfect with our gorgeous princess mobile.

    i would also love the dorothy and toto pair (where would dorothy be without her trusty sidekick?). they are my favourite childhood characters and they remind me of snuggly nights on the lounge watching the movie with my family.

    since the winner can choose up to three and i probably wont be fast enough to buy at any other time, i would also love ellie because i know how special both the name, and the bunny is to you. shes such a pretty doll and i know how much love has gone into her.

  19. Sold to Sal Burch,
    I would love you to make me a Fraisy as one of my best friends is called Kerry, I've known her since I was born and growing up gave her the nickname Kerry Strawberry, that has stuck with us both and she loves all things strawberryish so would absolutely love to give this as a present to her because Fraisy is super cute and full of strawberrys. It would be a great present to give my oldest friend. I have tried, unsuccessfully to buy her before so I'm giving this ballot a go in hope that i will be lucky.


  20. Sold to Jenna Nuzzi I would love Anne and Gilbert as they were my favorite books growing up and love Josephine as she reminds me of my 2 little princess daughters.

  21. Sold to Kristy M
    I have admired your beautiful poppets for ages now and haven't been lucky enough to get one but if I had the chance I would love Indigo as purple is my fave colour and Betty as I love betty boop not sure on my 3rd yet but if im lucky enough to win im sure I could pick a 3rd :)
    Thanks heaps for the chance :)

  22. Sold to Jane Ollerton,

    There is no contest! Anne and Gilbert please. My little one is a bit young yet for Anne, but soon enough she will be an "Anne-girl". She has also politely requested Dorothy... who could resist a little friend with matching ruby slippers.
    Thanks for the opportunity


  23. Sold to Rachel Platt

    We would love to welcome to our home Pippi, we have had our eye on this gorgeous poppet for a very long time and feel she will bring love and quirkiness to our home! Thanks for the opportunity. :) x

  24. Sold to Margaret Chan ( - third time lucky
    I would love to give Pippi a home as she embodies what every childhood should be - carefree and happy.
    I would also love Melina and Sienna as they remind me of Spring - bright and vibrant - and represent what Spring is - new hope and warmer weather after the cold, wet, miserable winter has bruoght - aomething to look forward to :)

  25. Sold to Michelle Balme
    I would love Eira because she reminds me of Winter climates, Indigo as purple is my favourite colour and Mellie as I just love her hair!

  26. Sold to Pauline Pickering

    I would love you to make Leilani and Mandy for me. I think they are both incredibly lovely. Their sweet little faces make me feel all warm and fuzzy. :O)

  27. Sold to Natalia Makohon -

    I would love Pippi as I loved her adventures as a child. I would also love Ellie as she reminds me of my gorgeous little girl

  28. Sold to Cherelle Slater -

    I would love to welcome to our family Huckleberry Finn and Ellie.

    Huckleberry Finn's eyes look deep into your soul and his gentle nature reminds me of my son and of his love of adventure.

    My daughter Eloise just adores bunny rabbits so would love Ellie with her pillow and bunny friend. Ellie's sweet nature and softness speaks to me.

    My daughter also loves fishing so I'm not sure my son will get a look in with Huckleberry Finn if we are lucky enough to bring them home :o) Thank you Jill for the opportunity to gift each of my children with one of your treasured poppets.

  29. Sold to Sarah Nguyen please -

    I would love Eira to come live with me. She has such an understated beauty that just appeals to me, tugging at my heart strings. I would also love Anne and Gilbert as they are my all time love from since I was a child. Thank you for the opportunity Jill xx

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. sold to Patsy Delaney
    I would love Anne of Green Gables, Alice and dorothy as I love story book dolls and the memories they hold.

  32. Sold to Danielle Buckhurst I would love Indigo to come live a t my house as she reminds me of when I was a teenager and had hair just like hers

    1. Congratulations!!!!! Your listing is now ready in our Hand-made Store :-)

  33. Sold to Jennifer Thomas (
    Love your beautiful poppets - each so unique!
    Would love Angelique, Poppy and Tiger Lily to join our family.
    Love the gentleness of Angelique and Poppy. Tiger Lily is just fabulous too.
    Thanks for being so generous Jill

  34. Sold to Joanne Humphrey please. I would love Anne and Gilbert for my wonderful friend who gave up her Anne and Gil as she knew I loved them so much, I would love to return the kindness. Tiger lily also for me because I simply love her. Thank you Jill xx

  35. SOLD to Lee Pelosi!!
    If I were lucky enough to win this ballot, I would dearly love Eira and Tiger Lily to come and live with me. They take me away to another place and time, and that, is as good as a holiday :-D xx

    1. Congratulations!!!! Your listings are now ready in our Hand-made Store
      I've set them as individual listings but with just one postage cost :-)

  36. Sold to Cath Marshall
    I would like Petal, Frasey or Ellie as I live in a world surrounded by boys lol

  37. Jo Portsmouth


    My email is
    My reason is
    I loved the tv show and books as a child and I want my babies to know them too through the poppets.

  38. Sold to Catherine Gierak
    I would love Tiger Lily for a dear friend who is desperately in need of cheering up at the moment, and Eira & Josephine for my collection as they are simply beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity Jillian x

  39. This listing is now closed :-)
    I'll be back in 30mins with the winner :-)