Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Princess and the Pea

It seems I can't get away
from the theme of

THIS nursery mobile was created
at the request of a repeat customer.
She had previously bought a custom coloured 'Hey Diddle Diddle' mobile from me...
and is soon expecting a baby girl now.

Her theme is the 'Princess and the Pea' with a colour scheme of pink/green & white, and she asked if I could make her a mobile to suit.

I have always loved this fairytale, which lends itself to fabulous images.

So I must tell you, that I had a bit of fun doing this one!

Lots of 
pretty trims and tassles
for the mattresses
topped off with
cushions and pillows.

I included a
bejewelled Tiara and 
glittering Chandelier
for a touch of Royalty.

For more information on this new mobile,
just click here.

Thanks for looking!
~by Vicki.


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on the run as usual, but I must FAVORITE THIS at Etsy!!!!!! LOVE IT DEAREST! Anita

  2. Es absolutamente adorable.
    besitos ascension

  3. Ha! That's what my bed looks like. I have so many featherbeds and mattress pads on there. The mobile is GORGEOUS! You did it again. All your creations are soft and whimsical.

  4. Preciosa idea, y muy original¡¡¡
    Es simplemente maravillosa.
    Un beso