Monday, December 12, 2011

Blowing my own trumpet

Anyone who knows me
will probably know by now
that I am an
Etsy Treasury addict.
I have curated hundreds of treasuries over the past two years.
I have had two of my treasuries (our items not included) make it to Etsy Home Page.(where they only have a short life of 1 hour!)

Only once before, I have had our item included in anothers treasury that did make it to Front Page...only to discover that our item was not actually featured on the Front Page display...   :(

But today, our item has actually been seen on Front Page!!
When this happens, it is incredible how many new 'hearts' are thrown your way!

Our papier maché sailing ship has been included in a lovely treasury called "With cream on top!" by Kathie, from Kaanpr.

Thanks Kathie!...we are so stoked!


~by Vicki


  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT DEAREST BECAUSE YOUR WARES ARE OF EXCEPTIONAL ARTISTRY!!!!!!! Fabulous, and I KNOW....I have seen how many treasurys you curate!!! Including some of mine! YEAH!

    Dearest, thank you for coming to visit my post; I am always blessed to see your comments and I wish you a happy and memorable Christmas my sweet friend! THank you for a wonderful year of sweet friendship and help. I have a two new designs for my shop that I will share for the new may enjoy them!

    BIG HUGS an oh, that Jacaranda tree you mentioned; we used to have those in our yard in California...what a MAGNIFICENT COLOR!!!!! Love, Anita

  2. You darling and wonderful friend, YOU!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO GOOD to see you visit me dear one! HOW ARE YOU?????? And thank you for liking my birds. teeehee...I LOVE BIRDS!

    I hope to make some yellow and pink, red and GOLD!!!!!

    Have a super day, Anita

  3. VICKI!

    I WAS JUST THINKING OF YOU and you came! I will go to Etsy...Anita