Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Poppets

My very creative daughter



has again astounded me
with her cleverness.

She has been very busy creating

a new line of dolls
for Lilliput Loft.

I have been so thrilled each time I visit her,

Little Red Riding Hood

 to see how they are coming along.

Although they are not yet listed on won't be too long before I am curating many treasuries for these little sweeties,


and they will start collecting many 'hearts' I'm sure.

I will keep you posted of the other endearingly cute designs

that will be coming to our little Etsy shop very soon.

Until then, Thanks for looking!
Bye for now.

~Posted by Vicki

oops! a late UPDATE!! 


Alice is a little late arriving.

But I was able to grab a few shots to share with you.

We'll have to sit back and relax a little while to learn of their arrival on a little bird has told me that something special will be happening through our facebook Lilliput Loft before they make their appearance on Etsy...stay tuned.

~posted by Vicki

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