Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog Draw

Our very first Blog Ballot,
staring a certain
'Little Red Riding Hood' 
deserves a teeny bit of
pomp and ceremony... 

All the entrants names were written on tiny spirals of paper and put into a fine looking pirates hat.

In this Land of Fairytale Characters we have our very own 'Princess' Elliana who is only too willing to do the honours at this official occasion.

(Any excuse to dress up and put on a bit of make-up...and 'ones' tiara ;)

The official drawing of the ballot
is supposed to be a solemn occasion.

All very dignified and 'proper-like'.

To oversee this important event,
we have two 'officials'
who seem very fitting

(and appropriate in a Land of Fairytales)

who are none other than the
 'Mad Hatter'
'Humpty Dumpty'.

Little Miss Riding Hood
can't wait to find out who her new 'mummy' will be...

Melissa Butterworth!!!!!

Congratulations, you are our very first Blog Ballot WINNER!!!

Please email me at to arrange payment.

Hope you all had fun :)  We certainly did ♥



  1. That is so cute!! Congrats too Melissa

  2. Jill you are so very creative! Just so much fun. ;-)

    1. Thanks Hun! This 'production' was certainly a family affair, with both Mum, Hubby and I involved.....and of course Elliana and Little Red, our little 'stars' :-)

  3. Looks awesome your little girl is so cute :)) Congrats to melissa it must of been the white rabbit I saw out my window hehe :))

  4. princess Elliana is a poppet and the prettiest fairy princess i have ever seen and red riding hood is charming ❤ congratulations to the winner!

  5. ooh I need to pop back here when I have more time - your blog warrents exploring! Nice to see you over at mine for the blog hop...I've been obsessed with going back to paris ever since the hop!
    fee x

  6. Hi Jill,

    So lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.
    Your little Princess is so very sweet and congratulations to the winner.


  7. VICKI MY FRIEND! You do NOT know how happy I am to see you back in blogland for this party. THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME and my dear friends. The talents and hearts out there are many and I just want everybody to find each well my beautiful Vicki! Anita

  8. Bonjour Jill!!
    What a nice treat to have you come over to Quiddity 2 for Anita's Paris Party! I am delighted to discover your beautiful creations , and am especially smitten with those paper boats!!! Wow! So magical!!! And little Elliana is a petite pretty princess, indeed!

  9. Such adorable pghotos here - pure sweetness! Thanky ou for visiting my Paris-post, glad you joined in! I'll follow you along ;)

  10. Hello,
    Thank you for your lovely comment on our Paris post. I am Sheri, the mom, and my daughter, Nel, is the one who is getting married. This post is so enchanting, and your blog is very charming. I see that you are a mother daughter team too. I just love the little house beneath your "About Us." It is magical. It's so nice to meet new friends. Your post today was so sweet.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  11. Hello lovely Victoria, and hello to Princess Elliana too. Oh my, what a beautiful presentation to the lucky fairy who will receive such a gift. Love, love, love.
    I could not decide which of your two blogs to comment on, but I am off to browse each a little bit. I am not posting this week as I've left two very French posts up to cover this week of Parisian travels, but I will be doing a lot of visiting and bloggyland browsing. Off to see the rest of your beauties.
    Thank you for stopping by the "shop."
    Much love,