Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 
brings us a golden glow this year, 
with warm white fairy lights, 
and just a touch of silver and gold. 
 I have included a Nativity Scene this year …as I had promised from last year. 

We hope you enjoy your stroll 
through our festive décor 
and find yourselves blessed 
by the experience.

High above the small Christmas tree, 
the little orphans from Hill House Orphanage.
They don’t own much that they can call their own, 
they have each other.

As they do not have an earthly father, 
they are quite intrigued to learn 
from the angel
 that they do indeed 
have a Heavenly Father.

Maggie thinks this sounds 
too good to be true.

So she and Colette continue to listen intently 
to everything that is being told 
about this 
wonderful news.

Over the lane, 
under the big Christmas tree, 
three concerned friends are debating 
whether the rumours that they have heard are true. Word has it that Santa is not real. 

That surely cannot be the case.

Why, if that were true
then what was the point of living 
if there were no 
Christmas presents 
to look forward to each December???

Further along the lane, 
past the big tree…

are excitedly anticipating the holidays. 
No home work and no school till next year! 

Things are starting to look a lot like Christmas,
 here in the corner of the room, 
with angels singing, 

pretty baubles and fancy little trees 
made from 
sequins and paper flowers.

Madrona is not too sure she likes 
all the fuss at Christmas time. 
Don’t get me wrong. 
Though she dislikes the revelry with so many people, she does love the occasion 
to decorate the place 
with pretty ornaments and such. 

She is just more of a loner, 
and prefers 
her own company.

Bad enough she has to share her spot 
with the tiny fairy and butterflies, 
but at least she can keep them 
under the glass cloche 
and from there, 
they can’t really bother her too much.

On the far side of the room, 
there is quite a lot quietly going on…

…with a variety of art dolls 
helping to create 
a festive mood.

Romy finds she can really relate to the little Nutcracker, 
and likes to pretend to be a nutcracker herself. 
(I don’t think she is really fooling anyone though)

The mother mouse and her baby 
go along with the charade 
and pose like little nutcrackers as well.

From her high horse 
(um …I mean bunny) 
Liza is make believing 
that she is on a long journey 
following a 
bright star in the east.

The two little cherubs think it amusing 
that she isn’t actually going anywhere…
as the bunny is a stationary one 
and can’t really run
…but they are not about to tell her 
and spoil her fantasy.

Then there is Persephani Jo
sitting on the park bench.

She wonders why
she is always the one 
left minding the baby

Wearing her tiny crown
the Princess Fairy knows 
there is going to be a 
Royal occasion 
this evening…

She also knows 
it must be almost time 
for the event…


there is another little princess 

who has stopped to wait just below her.

must be about to happen.

Under another 
small Christmas tree...

…sleeps Ana
with visions of sugar-plums 
dancing in her head.

Winged Kewpie is watching 
places the last of the gold glass baubles 
onto the tree. 

Not a creature was stirring…
not even a mouse
underneath the tree branches.

Snail is just awestruck 
at how beautiful the Christmas tree looks.  
He thinks that Pixie 
has done a lovely job 
of decorating it this year.

The Pretty Maids 
are waiting all in a row, 
on the other side 
of the Christmas tree.

liked to think of themselves 
as pretty wall flowers… 
never quite mixing well 
with the other girls.

Lilly Bug and her friends 
are getting tired 
of waiting for this 
Royal Event 
to take place.

It feels like 
they have been
waiting for hours.

Big Eyes Fairy is also kind of bored 
with the long wait
…but is too afraid to complain.

Inside the white birdcage, 
two ballet fairies 
are flitting around 
trying to keep themselves amused.

And on the far end atop the birdcage, 
Victoria is wondering 
about this promised 
Royal Event 
that is soon to take place.

The nearby angel 
had whispered some remarkable things 
in Victoria’s ear, 
while the others were 
keeping themselves entertained.

And the news 
had left her totally stunned…
and astounded.

While all these things had been happening,

…the promised Royal Event 

had occurred.

The other dolls 
had all been waiting 
in the 
wrong place.

…thinking that it would involve 
grandiose and magnificent 
trappings and trimmings

They had all overlooked 
the lowly manger 
with the strange visitors 
who had travelled afar, 
bearing gifts of 
gold, frankincense and myrrh.  

They had not imagined 
the human baby bearing undiminished deity, 
who was born to be King… 
as many others had 
also missed this fulfilled promise 
that had taken place. 

May you feel 
loved and blessed this Christmas season, 
as we remember 
He is the reason.

(So I could share the love…I have included a link on the names of many of the art dolls. To find out where I purchased each individual doll, just click on their names) 

With love from Vicki and Jill xx

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