Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pick-a-Poppet Ballot

Welcome to the first Pick-a-Poppet Ballot for  2014!

Our Poppets are a 'line or range' of dolls that I can recreate.
 If you love a particular Poppet, or are looking to collect a set of Poppets, I would love for you to have more than one opportunity to purchase the one you love.

I am offering a rare opportunity if you are the winner of this Ballot, 
to pick and purchase up to THREE Poppets that have stolen your heart, and I would love to make them for you. 
(You can of course just choose one Poppet if you prefer, 
but I can post three Poppets for the same postage cost as one)

 Please note that these Poppets are only partially ready-made, 
so please allow me up to 2 weeks to finish creating 
the Poppet of your choice. 
 (It shouldn't take that long though).

If you click the image below, you will be taken to our Facebook album with all of the individual details and prices of each Poppet.  

Please note, the ONLY Poppets available to choose for THIS particular Ballot are the ones in the photo collage below.  
If the Poppet you have your heart set on ISN'T pictured below, 
fear not! they will probably be available next time :-) 

Please note that Poppet prices range from $70 - $105 plus postage.
Postage Australia wide is $10 for Regular Post
and $13 for Registered Post

International Post is available, just ask for a quote.

“What do I have to do?” I hear you ask.

Please comment below
""Sold to ___________(your name),
the name of the Poppet/s who have caught your eye and
what it is that you love about them and your email address"

You could say something like this......

"Sold to ___________
I would love you to make Anne for me please.
Anne Shirley resonates with my soul, a true Kindred Spirit
(email address)"

You MUST include your email address in your comment,
as I will need to be in contact with you.

The Ballot is open, so you can leave your comment now,
please only comment once :-)

At 8.00pm (Qld time), Tuesday 25th March, I will comment "CLOSEDand any comments made later, will not be counted in the draw.

At the conclusion of the Ballot,
we will draw one name and announce the winner HERE at 8.30pm.
I will then set up a RESERVED LISTING for the winner, 
in our Hand-made Store

If no contact is made within 24 hours, we will do a redraw.

If for some reason you are unable to comment below, either send me a message via our Facebook page 

or email me at

Good luck everyone :-)

Congratulations!   Karen Gordon
(I will be in touch via email)

Thank you so very much everyone for your wonderful comments.
I am so thrilled that I get to do what I love and that other people love what I do ♥


  1. Sold to Kylie.
    I adore every single one of your little poppets but the girls who have stolen my heart are Addison, Mellie & Mandy.
    Little girls who love to dream <3

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    1. Sold to Sarah please. I would love Eira, Tiger Lily and Pippi please. They are just beautiful x

  3. sold to Whitney Wilson...because I love Pippi and have always admired your version of her.

  4. Sold to Vicki Coleman.
    Lilly please. She reminds me of one of my Grandaughers, Tilly - cute as a button.

  5. Sold to Lee Pelosi, pretty please!
    If lucky enough to have my name drawn, I would be honoured to share my home with lovely Leilani, Fleur and her pet poodle, and sweet Ellie. They make me smile. xx

  6. Sold to Lisa Wilfert :)
    I would LOVE Eira to come on an adventure with my frost faeries in the land of the Snow Queen. Tiger Lily is needed in Neverland, with Peter Pan and a certain pirate and his ship! And Princess Josephine is just lovely. Fingers crossed!!!! Thank you for the chance to take home some beautiful Poppets. xx (


  7. Sold to Kristy Millikin
    I would love Lilly for my Lilly. Kalei and Aven as they are simply gorgeous

  8. Sold to Rachel Platt, Pippi, marguerite and Mellie! We would love these gorgeous girls to join Coralene, she has been patiently waiting for them :)

  9. Sold to Claire Mepsted pretty please. I love all the poppets but would like grace, Eira & Ellie would love a ballerina but not on there this time 😉 thank you xx

  10. SOLD to Nikki Hammon
    I would absolutely LOVE to have Anna join our family, she would fit in perfectly with my two beautiful ballerinas.

  11. Sold to Jodie Appleton
    I would love Miss Fleur and her poodle to come and live with me as I dream of holidays in France. She would become best friend’s with my Miss Ellie.

  12. Sold to Melissa Clark-Freeman. I would love you to make Josephine for me please. Josephine is so delicate and lovely and I love her dress.

  13. Sold to Theo, Little Red (in cream dress), Alice and Josephine. Gorgeous little girls to keep my other georgeous little girls company!

  14. sold to karen gordon. i would love to own grace. i am a 60's baby and the teenage girl down the street babysat me and took me on some lovely adventures. she dressed exactly the way grace is dressed and her name was also grace. wonderful memory for me xx

    1. Congratulations!!!! You are the lucky number :-D
      I will be in touch via email Hun.

      Thank you so much for your entry xx

  15. Sold to Sal Burch, I would love Alice as it was always my favourite film as a little girl. I would also love Fraisey to give to my oldest friend for her birthday as I always have called her Kerry Strawberry and i think of her every time I see Fraisey. xx

  16. Sold to Allison x

    I'd adore Tiger Lily - one of my favourite legends is Pocahontas and all that she achieved. Tiger Lily reminds me so much of the wonderful American Indian traditions and culture ♥ (also it's my birthday next week so she'd be a wonderful present to myself x)

  17. Sold to Jennifer Thomas
    We adore our wonderful Poppet family and would love to have the whimsical Tiger Lily and jaunty Pippi join us too.
    And if we could organise a lovely Lilly for Kirsty too that would be just perfect!
    Thank-you for this special opprotunity

  18. Sold to Hayley James please

    I love Addison & Aven (who could not love that gorgeous hair), and would love Anne for my mum who had identical hair growing up and loved Anne of Green Gables!

  19. Sold to Shirley Woo, please. I would love a Anne of Green Gables Poppet since she was my all-time favorite character and I would love to cherish her with my girls.