Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Colours 2014

Time was up 
for the last of the beautiful topiary in our front yard.

With chainsaw in hand 
and sadness in my heart, we began to cut it down and into pieces.

But my mind would not allow me 
to just toss this dismembered tree into the garden bag 
to be carted away to the tip. 

An idea sprang to life, 
and I quickly gathered some of the nicest shaped branches 
to put aside to dry out…for another day.

Weeks later and after a few cans of matt white spray paint had done the trick, 
I was left with lovely white branches 
to use in the Christmas décor in our house, 2014.

 A refreshing display of turquoise and white was what I had in mind.

 With branches of white, 
soft feathery trees and butterflies 
as well as sparkly crystals and glistening snowflakes…
it all started to come together when the white fairylights were added.

 Glittery little paper houses , fairy shoes
seemed to complete the picture that had been in my mind for some time. 
(While humming… ♫ ♪♩♬  I saw three ships come sailing by on Christmas Day in the morning…” ♫♩♪♫)

 The decision to use some of the art dolls from my collection , 
to add to the Christmas decorations
meant looking for colour co-ordination 
to suit my theme of turquoise.  

 Stopping by the spiral tinsel to admire all that I had accomplished so far, 
came a traveller mouse with a turquoise back pack. 

The sea snails were just too cute to 
not be included next to a framed photo 
of our dear little grandies. 

 An empty tin covered with a music sheet 
and filled with stones served as a good base for the remaining 
branches to stand up in.

Bug-eyed Kennedy managed to just scrape in, 
as she promised
 to keep a hold of her turquoise cat.
Miniature Santa robed in pale turquoise suited nicely.

 In anticipation of seeing Santa Claus, 
Mimi found a quiet place to sit 
where she could also watch the butterflies that she had high hopes of catching in her net.

 Ginger decided to sit with the reindeer
…surely Santa would not miss her on Christmas eve
 if she stayed close by the deer…he would be needing them.

 Under the little white Christmas trees, 
sits Victoria, 
feeling a bit anxious about where I was going 
with my chosen theme 
of turquoise and white.

 She had donned her prettiest turquoise gown, 
so she would be chosen for the display
But things were starting to go a little awry.

 The tiny Nutcrackers were no help. 
They seemed more concerned with standing up straight…than to worry themselves 
with colour themes and such. 
The temptation to grab a seat on one of those little chairs was almost overwhelming. 
They MUST resist…

 Leola arrived wearing a gown with a touch of purple…. 
She promised to keep an eye on the sheep throughout the evening
and I hadn't the heart to turn her away her, 
so I was swayed to go in another direction with colour.

Soon the angel of the Lord appeared, 
and told her about the special event 
that was taking place tonight. 

 She was astounded

 As the heavenly host sang about the good news, 
she was very tempted to 
leave the sheep 
and go and see for herself
…this incredible thing that was occurring.

Why, oh why had she promised to stay put, keeping watch over the sheep tonight??

With the recent arrival of a few different dolls, 
all dressed in pink, 
I gave in to the urge to divert from my original turquoise and just go with the flow.

 So PINK it was going to be, on the sideboard.  

 An enchanted pixie was quite pleased to discover 
that I had had a change of colour theme, and was hoping to meet some of Santa's elves.

were both eager to let me know that they had a touch of the right colour in them, 
and so sat beside Pirate Patsy
hoping to be invited to join the buxom wench for a cup of tea and perhaps a cupcake.

 Patsy was waiting for that papier maché pirate ship to arrive 
and whisk her away 
to live some adventure on the high seas.

 Little statues of the nativity had been set up under glass domes… the three wise men bearing gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh…and Joseph and Mary with the Christ child.

Camillia and Priscilla loved the fact that they were staring together 
under the beautiful white Christmas tree in this pink display.

 Percy the poodle was a bit anxious about being here.
His little tummy felt like it was filled with butterflies, 
and this had an unfortunate effect on the poor canine.

Oh no! Poor Percy had a touch of gas, 
...and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Alice was actually a little lost. 
She had been on her way to a Wonderland display…only to be roped into appearing here in this PINK display, 
all because she had decided on a whim to dye her hair pink.

There was nothing for it now, but to try and enjoy the situation.

The tiny Dinky fairies were a bit bewildered by the whole thing…as they were NOT wearing pink and felt a little odd being made to participate.

The little Princess on her sweet throne 
was content to just ponder on the mysterious evening that was unfolding.

The trio of little vamps were not that fond of vermin
and became quiet disturbed when approached by a traveller mouse.

But he had only good intentions 
and just wanted to know when the promised messiah was due to arrive.

It all just seemed too much for poor BonnyButtons 
who always felt overwhelmed 
when her crazy relatives arrived each festive season

 She was sure that she had the weirdest family ever. 
Who else could boast 
of having pirates, 
and vampires
 in their blood line??

Above them all sits Rose Candybeside the pretty glass bird .

 Always a little melancholy around this time of year, she really does not mind hiding behind her painted face.

 If everyone would only stop for a minute and just listen, 
they might actually hear 
what this angel of the Lord is telling them.

She is reading about our God’s plan for all of mankind… 

and believe me when I tell you that it is like nothing you could have ever dreamed of.

From Vicki and Jill here at Lilliput Loft, 
we wish you season’s greetings and a very merry Christmas.
May you all be blessed as we remember Him who came to redeem us for Himself.


To enjoy a larger view of the photos, just click on each photo.
As with past years, I have included links where possible to allow you to see where I purchased some of these Art Dolls and decorations. Just click on the highlighted words for each link.

If you would like to view our past years Chrismas decorating, click here for 2012 and here for 2013.


  1. Giggling, clapping loudly and green with envy at your beautiful treasures and your talent for presenting them!!! Oh Percy, really?

    1. Hahaha. So glad you enjoyed it, Lise. Yes, poor Percy is a bit of a can't take him anywhere. ;-)

  2. Oh wow!! What a beautiful display <3 and....Percy! hahahahaha So funny! I am never ready to get out my Christmas decor till I see your Blogpost, and I am always Inspired <3 xoxoxo

  3. Oh my goodness! It's a bigger and better treat every year! I love the way the colour cues are taken from your wonderful doll collection, so that every doll is showcased. Just wonderful! Merry Christmas to you!