Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Cryptic Christmas - 2016

As she took in her surroundings

the Lost Child scrutinised 

the tenebrosity stretching before her, 

and began to ponder on the noticeable 


that seemed to permeate the place.

Paradoxically, the Christmas tree

though beautifully filled 

with fairy-lights and baubles, 

was somehow also filled 

with darkness.

A sort of twilight gloom had 

descended over the 

whole Christmas scene.

Concluding that her beloved bunny 

would not able to help her unravel this 

‘Christmas-time pervading darkness mystery’

the lost child sought explanation 

from other folk.

There seemed to be not a creature stirring

             as she came upon a mouse sleeping soundly.

No amount of tapping on the glass could wake the rodent

so the Lost Child continued to search to find 

someone less exhausted.

She saw a forlorn looking girl who was pitifully sad, 

standing inside

a glass lantern.

As the glass was thick

and appeared sound proof

the Lost Child was unable to speak to her. 

She felt sorry for the despondent girl 

who was hard of hearing

…and would have liked to have cheered her up,

 wipe away her tears…

but the glass was too thick 

and the door was locked shut.

High above, there hung a birdcage

where the Lost Child discovered another two maidens.

They appeared trapped 

seemed downcast and a little bit wretched.

 The cage was too high to reach them, 

so she continued on her quest 

to find someone who might be able to enlighten her 

with regard to the gloomy darkness all around. 

She came across a frog

looking very dapper in top hat and tails. 

He answered her query with a croak and would not say 

anything more.

The Lost Child moved on, 

to discover strange little circus tents 

and masks of all shapes.

So many fun items, 

yet there was only melancholy and no jolly.

This really was a very strange Christmas Eve… 

just what did it all mean

A tall thin lady wearing a black dress 

carried a tiny nutcracker. 

The Lost Child noticed that this person 

seemed a bit lugubrious 

in spite of her diamond earrings, peculiar gown

...and her accompanying leering little nutcracker.

Her mournful looking friend sat beside her 

on the hearth,

and she carried a golden Christmas bauble and

 wore diamonds on her outfit… 

yet her face was lacking any gaiety.

More bewildered now than ever, 

the Lost Child sought to find a cheerful face 

and friendly ear to help her 

celebrate the festive season.

When she came upon two fine ladies 

about to partake in High Tea,

the Lost Child thought for sure this time, 

she would find 

some light-hearted cheerfulness. 

After all, 

wasn’t a cup of tea supposed to always 

make everything alright??

But alas, 

there did not appear to be much jollification 

with this particular tea party.

The Lost Child had hoped to be given 

a soothing cup of tea

but on second thought, 

decided to just leave the ladies to themselves.

As she continued on with her quest, 

in the pursuit of enlightenment...

it struck her that the persistent gloom 

had somehow dissipated.

Things no longer looked so shadowy and bleak.

She found herself surrounded by a lightened radiance. 

What had caused this change of atmosphere”, she wondered.

As the lost child gazed around, 

she spied some royal crowns… was this a clue?

A glowing snowman made of ice smiled at her,

and she was drawn to him. 

But he gave no hint as to why he was so happy.

Not far from the snowman, 

sat mirthful Bianco

a fool or jester

He cryptically responded to

the Lost Child’s query by saying, 

God’s holy wisdom is foolish to man.”

So now the Lost Child became confused and

ever more curious. 

She sat and rested 

with some reindeer for a short while, 

trying to make sense of everything she had seen.

A tiny voice caught her attention, 

and she scrambled up to talk with the reindeer girl.

This girl was kind and softly spoken

and told the Lost Child to seek out the Angel 

for help with her confusion and curiousness. 

The angel said to the Lost Child, 

"Do not be afraid, for see, I bring you good news of great joy which will be to all the people.”

The Lost child then saw another Angel 

reading and softly singing, 

so she crept closer to hear what was being spoken.

“For there is born to you, this day, 

in the city of David, 

a Saviour, who is Messiah, the Lord. 

This is the sign to you: 

you will find a baby 

wrapped in strips of cloth, 

in a feeding trough."

“He is the true light who gives light to everyone.”

The Lost Child was amazed and enthralled upon hearing this.  

She decided to stay and listen some more.

 Now there was no darkness only light,

and she was so glad that there was a place for her

in His Kingdom, with the Royal One.

The old Christmas story 

is very dear to us here at Lilliput Loft.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas 

filled with hope and joy.

Blessings to you all.

Love from

Vicki and Jillian.


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