Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas WONDERland 2017

While tea parties

were always a good idea,

Alice began to WONDER if perhaps 

there was more to Christmas.

After pondering a while 

on the whole idea of Christmas,

she thought to ask around 

to see if there could be something

she might be missing.

Sleepy Dormouse was no help, 

as he was far too tired... 

and couldn't be woken.

The Cheshire Cat's grin 

had disappeared,

...confirming that he was just as curious as she was, 

after Alice began asking for input 

into what he thought she 

might be missing about Christmas.

Alice WONDERED if the March Hare 

was able to shed any light 

on the subject.

"Oh yes."replied the March Hare. 

"There is a jolly Fat Man 

who is Mister Christmas."

"He lives in a part of the world that is very cold. 

He owns several reindeer 

and drives a flying sleigh."

"I have heard that Mister Christmas 

employs many elves 

who work all year round on making toys."

"How very curious!"thought Alice.

chimed in on the discussion.

"That all sounds a bit too silly."

"Like nonsense, really..."

"Christmas is just all about Christmas trees,

having parties, 


and enjoying the company of others."

"You all seem to be forgetting 

the season of goodwill."

The Tweedles had piped up on the subject.

"You know... peace on earth."

"Christmas is a time 

for families to get together 

and people helping other people."

"They give food to the needy children

They take blankets and clothes to homeless people, 

and they donate money to churches."

In her thoughts, Alice was WONDERING, 

why people would help others 

only at Christmas. 

Why not all the time? 

Curiouser and curiouser, indeed.

At this point in the discussion, 

Mad Hatter was also beginning 

to WONDER if they were all correct 

in their meaning of Christmas... 

or just all slightly bonkers.

Alice had certainly started something, 

with all of her WONDERING.

Mad Hatter chose to delve further 

into the truth about Christmas.


...if perhaps both he and Alice 

should go and ask the Red Queen.

Surely one so Royal would know about 

the true meaning of Christmas.


They would set out on a journey together, discover the reason for the season.

Following the trail, 

Looking for the signs...

That would lead them to... 

...the Royal Rose Garden,

renowned for its marvellous red roses...

...where they hoped to meet with the Red Queen.

Past the Royal guards...

Her Royal Highness, the Red Queen

happened to be in a good mood, 

(which was a good thing)

due, to the festive spirit permeating the place.

So Alice and Mad Hatter felt it was safe 

to bother her with their query.

"Oh you stupid people! 

Christmas is absolutely ALL about presents!!"

"Lots and lots of presents

and free stuff!"

Both Alice and Mad Hatter 

were a little disappointed to learn 

that this was really what Christmas was.

So with their hopes a little dashed, 

they left the Royal Rose Garden, 

to head on back to WONDERland.

The countryside was now filled with 

paler roses,

...banished from the Royal Garden.

Behind the paler roses 

there were 

Keepsakes adorning a high wall.

Alice climbed up for a closer look.

Something was not right. 

She just knew 

that she was still missing something.

As Alice climbed back down, 

she and Mad Hatter noticed an Angel, 

quietly reading.

While listening to the Angel, 

they were amazed to learn that there was something...

...very important,

...that they had indeed missed 

while trying to discover what Christmas was.

Alice KNEW it! 

She just knew there HAD to be something MORE 

to Christmas!

The traditions of this festive season...

The parties, feasting, music and singing...

...Christmas trees, Santa Clause and gift giving...

Keepsakes, families, helping the needy and poor...

Were all things to help us celebrate Christmas.

But they aren't the reason for Christmas.

Who would have thought it!

Christmas started with a BABY!

The Holy Son of God 

was born in Bethlehem, 

sent from Heaven 

for all of us. 

The baby's name is Jesus and He was born in a stable.

Jesus is the reason for Christmas.

And the best way to celebrate Christmas 

is by remembering Jesus 

and loving others the way He loves us.

The good news of the Saviour's birth 

is something we hold very dear to us 

here at Lilliput Loft.

Wise men still seek Him.

We wish everyone a safe and blessed Christmas, 

as we remember Him.

Blessing to all,

love Vicki and Jill.


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